Ana James (AJ) is the passionate owner of  SMP

a prominent Scalp Micropigmentation studio based in Melbourne, Australia. What began as a solo venture in 2019, under the name  by AJ, soon evolved into a renowned establishment known for its ultra-realistic technique, professionalism, and AJ’s vibrant personality. Her infectious laughter and relatable social media presence have endeared her to many clients, while her firm belief in the Law of Attraction underscores her commitment to spreading positivity and good energy.

Ana’s life took a profound turn in 2017 when she faced the heartbreaking loss of her fiancé in a fatal accident. Instead of succumbing to negativity, she found the strength and confidence to rebuild her life. Drawing from her personal experiences, Ana openly shares her journey and aims to inspire others to embrace life with openness and authenticity. Her positive mindset and unwavering motivation have been pivotal in her success, coupled with a laid-back approach to business that resonates with her clients. In a competitive industry, she stands out by maintaining a direct and hands-on approach, valuing close relationships with clients.

Even during the challenging times of a 7-month closure due to strict Covid lockdowns, Ana’s determination prevailed. By 2022, she transformed  SMP into a thriving team of three skilled artists, marking a rebranding of her studio. Beyond her role as a successful artist, she has become a mentor and trainer for aspiring SMP artists, passing on her knowledge and passion.

Ana’s advice to fellow artists is to break away from conforming to a mold and instead embrace their individuality. She encourages hard work and authenticity, advocating for each artist to create their unique path to success.