Before you come in for your SMP treatment at Ohio SMP Studio, there are important factors you should be aware of to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience. Here are some valuable insights that will guide you through the process.

Know Your Desired Look While our skilled SMP artist, Clayton Rush, will be there to assist and advise you, having a clear vision of the look you want can streamline the process. Feel free to explore our treatment gallery and take screenshots of the before and after results that appeal to you. This will facilitate effective communication between you and Clayton, resulting in a successful treatment.

Understand Hairline Styles At Ohio SMP Studio, we offer various hairline styles to suit different preferences. You can choose from broken, straight, round, or slightly receded hairline styles. For those who enjoy the clean-cut look from the barber, the straight hairline might be the perfect choice. The round hairline offers a youthful option, slightly bolder than the straight style. Alternatively, the slightly receded hairline provides the most natural appearance, mimicking the pattern of a naturally aged male hairline while effectively addressing any thinning areas.

Preparation Before Your Session To ensure optimal results, there are several important steps you should take before coming in for your SMP treatment:

  • Decide on Your Look: Knowing your desired style beforehand will expedite the process.
  • Stop Using Topical Products: Cease using products like Rogaine and Toppik on your scalp 48 hours before your treatment.
  • Haircut: Trim your hair prior to your session. If you’re new to shaving your head, Clayton will demonstrate the process during your appointment.
  • Scalp Care: Prioritize scalp health by washing and moisturizing it daily with fragrance-free moisturizer in the days leading up to your treatment. This ensures a healthier scalp for the procedure.
  • Eat and Hydrate: To ensure comfort during your session, make sure to have a meal and stay well-hydrated.

Post-Treatment Guidelines After your SMP treatment, following these guidelines will aid in the healing process and enhance your comfort:

  • Avoid Sweating, Trimming, and Shampooing: For the first 5 days after treatment, refrain from sweating, trimming, and using shampoo on your scalp.
  • Sun Protection: Steer clear of sun exposure for at least 21 days post-treatment to safeguard your newly treated scalp.
  • Soothing Scalp Care: In case of irritation or excess oils, gently dab your scalp with warm water for relief.
  • Get Adequate Rest: Sufficient rest and sleep contribute to a quicker healing process.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin and scalp well-hydrated during the healing period.

Witness the Transformation at Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH If you’re curious about the remarkable results that scalp micropigmentation can achieve for your hair loss, reach out to Ohio SMP Studio today to schedule a free consultation. Bring along your screenshots and questions, and let us demonstrate the possibilities of a hairline tattoo. With Clayton Rush, one of the finest SMP artists globally, we’ve assisted over 10,000 clients in finding effective solutions for their hair loss, and we’re eager to help you too. Contact or visit our Columbus location today to begin your journey towards a renewed hairline.