Hello and welcome! As the proud owner of Ohio SMP Studio, I’m thrilled to address the prevalent myths surrounding Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) that have been circulating online and in our local community. Let’s delve into the top ten misconceptions and set the record straight.

Myth 1: It doesn’t look natural or real

I understand why this myth exists, as not all SMP treatments are created equal. However, a skilled SMP artist like Clayton Rush, armed with proper training and advanced equipment, can deliver sensational results. Online images right after a procedure may seem dramatic, but rest assured, in reality, SMP appears much more subtle and realistic.

Myth 2: The color won’t match or will look odd if your hair goes grey

This myth lacks merit. With a well-executed SMP treatment, distinguishing between the pigment and natural hair becomes nearly impossible, ensuring a seamless look regardless of hair color changes.

Myth 3: SMP won’t look like real hair because hair is 3D

For SMP to look authentic, maintaining a shaved head is essential. Letting the sides grow out might lead to an unnatural appearance, but regular shaving ensures a perfect blend that appears natural.

Myth 4: Scalp Micropigmentation will fade away

While SMP will fade over time, similar to a tattoo, it takes many years and is unlikely to completely vanish. Individual results may vary based on skin type, post-treatment care, and the quality of the procedure.

Myth 5: People will notice and comment

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll be surprised how little attention your SMP treatment will attract. People are focused on their interests, and while they may notice a positive change in your appearance, they’re unlikely to pinpoint it as scalp micropigmentation.

Myth 6: SMP is just dots tattooed on your head

True SMP expertise involves more than tattooing dots. Skilled artists understand the significance of spacing between the dots and blending them seamlessly with your existing hair for a natural look.

Myth 7: You have to shave your head every day

The frequency of shaving depends on your hair growth rate. While some may need to shave every other day, others can go up to a week. SMP looks best after a fresh shave but retains its appeal even a few days later.

Myth 8: Scalp Micropigmentation is expensive

The perception of SMP’s cost depends on the value one places on their image and the quality of service they choose. The investment can be worth it, as it significantly boosts confidence and transforms appearance.

Myth 9: You can only have SMP if you are bald

This is a clear myth. SMP is an excellent option for people looking to conceal thinning hair, making the transition to a shaven head more seamless and confident.

Myth 10: SMP is only for men

As debunked by the previous myth, SMP benefits individuals of all genders. Women can utilize SMP to address thinning hair and achieve a fantastic look with a shaven head too!

In conclusion, Ohio SMP Studio, under the skillful hands of Clayton Rush, dispels these myths, proving the effectiveness and natural results of scalp micropigmentation. Embrace your confidence, and let us help you rediscover a more revitalized you.