HOW MANY SMP SESSIONS DOES IT TAKE FOR THE BEST RESULTS? When you decide to undergo Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) at Ohio SMP Studio, one of the primary questions on your mind might be, “How many sessions are needed to achieve the best and most satisfactory results?”

SMP results can vary based on individual clients and several factors, such as the degree of pigment fading experienced by the client, the extent of the area to be covered, the presence of any scar tissue that requires attention, among other considerations. As a general guideline, it is reasonable to expect that more than one session will be necessary for the SMP treatment to yield optimal outcomes.


Before committing to SMP treatment, it is essential for clients to have a clear understanding of the procedure and the time involved. Irrespective of the specific variables mentioned earlier and the expertise of the practitioner, a typical SMP treatment journey typically comprises approximately 3 to 4 sessions, ensuring the best possible results.

FIRST SESSION: Laying the Foundation The initial SMP session tends to be longer compared to subsequent sessions, with each subsequent session requiring less time. During your first visit to Ohio SMP Studio, the SMP artist, Clayton Rush, will work on creating a layout for your following two or three visits.

In this first session, the physician will carefully develop an outline for the scalp micropigmentation. The pigments used at this stage will be lighter in shade. The duration of this session may range from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the physician and the studio you’ve chosen for your SMP treatment. This estimate factors in any necessary breaks and regular monitoring throughout the entire session.

SECOND SESSION: Refining the Look During the second session, Clayton Rush will focus on creating a perfect hairline tailored to your preferences. The SMP artist will also add more layers of pigments with varying colors to enhance depth and dimension, resulting in a more realistic appearance. The second session typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour less than the first session.

The number of SMP sessions required to achieve the best results may vary based on individual response to the treatment, the complexity of the case, and the goals of the client. However, clients can rest assured that Clayton Rush, one of the most skilled and experienced SMP artists globally, will provide personalized care and attention to ensure the finest outcomes for each individual.