To ensure you get the best possible results from scalp micropigmentation (SMP), it is crucial to choose the right SMP professional and be well-informed about the procedure. At Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, we understand the impact of hair loss on individuals and the community, and we aim to provide a compassionate and effective solution through SMP.

  • What Are the Qualifications of Your SMP Artist? At Ohio SMP Studio, our SMP experts are highly trained and experienced, ensuring a sensitive procedure is performed with utmost care. We are proud of our credentials and gladly share our SMP training details and successful SMP procedures with our clients. We also provide referrals to previous customers for further assurance.
  • Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp micropigmentation at Ohio SMP Studio offers a non-invasive and efficient solution to hair loss. With minimal downtime, you can quickly resume your daily activities after the procedure. Our skilled artists apply natural pigments within your scalp’s dermal layer to create a natural-looking shaved head appearance.
  • How Long Do SMP Results Last? The results of SMP treatment typically last up to five years, making it a semi-permanent solution. The longevity can be extended with proper after-care, and our top-up sessions, lasting one to two hours, refresh the look as needed.
  • What Pigment Will Be Used? At Ohio SMP Studio, we prioritize quality and use only top-of-the-line pigments and equipment for our clients, ensuring the desired results from the procedure.
  • Do You Offer a Guarantee? Our dedicated SMP professionals stand behind their work, and we offer a guarantee for our services. If any area of your scalp requires attention after treatment, we provide free treatment within the specified guarantee period.
  • How Flexible Is Your Appointment Scheduling? Understanding the importance of convenience, we offer flexible appointment scheduling, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate your busy schedule. If you need to change an appointment, just provide early notice, and we will gladly accommodate your request.
  • How Will My Hairline Look? Our comprehensive consultation process ensures that we create hairlines that suit your age, facial features, and preferences. We value your input, and no treatment commences until we reach a full agreement on the desired look.
  • How Soon Will the Finished Result Be Visible? You will notice a significant change in your hairline after the first treatment. However, achieving the completed look may require two to four treatments, depending on your specific needs.
  • What Are the Charges for SMP? At Ohio SMP Studio, our SMP charges are tailored to each client’s individual needs. The cost depends on the extent of treatment required, our artist’s expertise, and the clinic’s reputation. The investment is worth it for the exceptional results and guarantee we provide.

Ask the Right Questions and Make an Informed Decision At Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, we believe in the power of scalp micropigmentation to provide an effective solution for hair thinning or balding. By asking the right questions during your consultation, you can confidently choose SMP as your reliable and transformative hair loss solution.