The year 2022 brought us unprecedented challenges as the world grappled with the effects of COVID-19. One of the lingering consequences reported by many individuals was hair loss or thinning hair as a long-term side-effect of this disease. At Ohio SMP Studio, we understand the impact of hair loss on one’s confidence and overall well-being, especially in our beloved community of Columbus, OH. In this article, we delve into the correlation between COVID-19 and hair loss while exploring a revolutionary solution known as scalp micropigmentation.

How Are Hair Loss and COVID-19 Related? While the COVID-19 virus itself has not been directly linked to hair loss, the stress caused by the illness can lead to this condition. When your body faces an illness like COVID-19, it undergoes significant stress, affecting various bodily functions, including hair growth. The intense stress can trigger a hair loss condition called telogen effluvium, where hair follicles prematurely enter a resting phase, halting hair production.

Understanding Telogen Effluvium To comprehend telogen effluvium, it’s crucial to grasp the hair growth cycles. Typically, about 80 to 90% of the hair follicles on your head are actively growing hair (anagen phase) at any given time, while the rest are in a resting state (telogen phase). Extreme stress can disrupt this balance, causing more hair follicles to enter the telogen phase and leading to a higher rate of shedding. As a result, your hair may appear thinner due to slower regrowth.

Hair Regrowth and Recovery The good news is that the effects of telogen effluvium are usually temporary. Once the underlying stressor, such as COVID-19, is managed, your hair should gradually return to its normal growth stages. However, it’s essential to note that recovery may vary for individuals, and some may require additional treatment or care if hair loss persists.

Scalp Micropigmentation: A Revolutionary Solution For those seeking a lasting and effective solution for hair loss after COVID-19, scalp micropigmentation offers a game-changing approach. Also known as a hair tattoo or hairline tattoo, this non-invasive procedure creates the illusion of natural hair on the scalp. At Ohio SMP Studio, we take pride in offering this affordable and 100% effective hair loss solution to the Columbus community.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Right for You? If you’re experiencing hair loss after COVID-19 or for any other reason, scalp micropigmentation might be the ideal solution. Our skilled practitioners meticulously place pigment under the skin of your scalp, mimicking tiny hair follicles and providing the appearance of a buzz cut or short hair stubble. This remarkable procedure can fill in thin-looking hair and maintain its effect for four to six years, restoring your confidence and leaving you with the look of a clean-shaven head.

We understand the impact of hair loss on individuals’ lives, especially during these challenging times. Our passion for helping the Columbus, OH community drives us to provide exceptional scalp micropigmentation services at Ohio SMP Studio.