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Leaders SMP Academy

SMP Training in Ohio

New Growing Career. Transform Your Life

Are you ready to learn one of the fastest growing, in-demand cosmetic skillsets by a Leaders Academy Master Trainer and FYT PRO TEAM artist? Just as Microblading is now extremely popular and well-known, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is on the ground floor and starting to explode for all the same reasons! Right now, there is a huge demand and opportunity for those who want to learn the skill and artistry involved with SMP. Because you are dealing with someone’s head, it takes tremendous knowledge and experience to create the perfect end result for the customer. You can’t simply purchase pigments and a microneedle and experiment. The barrier to entry is knowledge, and hands-on training. Get in on the ground floor of SMP and become part of the LDRSMP ACADEMY Team with opportunities to move up the ranks and become a Master Trainer yourself!. Contact Clayton for his next scheduled training.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to give a client consultation to discuss their current level of hair loss, and client expectations. The entire process, start to finish.
  • How to choose the correct pigment shade based on the clients complexion, hair color and texture
  • How to create any type hairline your client desires, Natural hairlines, Hard hairlines, Faded hairlines, Semi-natural hairlines, Age appropriate hairlines. Scar camouflage. Density Fills. Dealing with clients who suffer from Alopecia.
  • Live Training: Master Trainer Clayton Rush will be right over your shoulder as you work on a live model!
  • Best Practices for Number of Sessions
  • Best Practices for After Care

The last training event sold out very fast (please call or text for availability), and Clayton is very eager to expand the #1 Scalp Micropigmentation training program in the world. We continue to grow and currently have training facilities in:
Mansfield, OH
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Austin, TX,
Toronto Canada
Montreal Canada
Naples, Italy

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