Xerxes went through an unfortunate experience with another SMP company in Las Vegas about five years ago. Dissatisfied with the results, he always knew he wanted his Scalp Micropigmentation corrected by our skilled hands at Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH. However, it took some time and effort for Xerxes to save up and finally have his SMP corrected the right way. In some cases, a botched SMP job may necessitate Laser Removal Treatment before seeking our expertise, requiring multiple sessions over several months, which can be both financially draining and physically uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Xerxes’ case presented an opportunity for successful repair without resorting to Laser Removal. As the original treatment pigment wasn’t deeply embedded in his skin, and with the passage of five years allowing some fading, we could proceed with a different approach. Addressing the issues, we embarked on a journey to improve Xerxes’ appearance and restore his confidence.

To achieve the desired outcome, we had to address specific concerns. Firstly, his receding and uneven hairline needed adjustment. With Xerxes’ valuable input, we crafted a new hairline that not only lowered it to the appropriate level but also ensured a natural, soft, and broken hairline look, aligning with his preferences. Secondly, we focused on lightening some of the deeper impressions that had developed an undesirable color. Employing warm modifying colors, we carefully applied them to the blown-out dots, effectively minimizing the issue and creating a pleasant warm brown/gray hue. Lastly, after defining the hairline and conducting the necessary repair work, we proceeded with a comprehensive 3-session treatment. Using our refined techniques and precise application with tighter needles, we efficiently layered the pigment, achieving the desired density, color, and texture.

Over the course of three sessions, spaced 3-4 weeks apart, Xerxes’ Full Micro Treatment unfolded remarkably. The process required patience, meticulous attention to detail, and clever strategies, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance that exudes youthfulness and authenticity. What’s most remarkable is that this transformation was accomplished without the need for Laser Removal, a testament to our expertise and commitment to exceptional results.

Xerxes now radiates newfound confidence, feeling like a completely different person. His satisfaction with the outcome is evident, and we share in his joy at this life-changing experience. While we wish everyone could achieve such successful outcomes, we also understand the importance of choosing the right SMP artist and company from the outset. Cutting corners to save money on the original treatment can lead to significant financial burdens and years of valuable time spent on repairs. Hence, we encourage thorough research and emphasize the significance of selecting the right professionals for this transformative journey.

If you’re seeking an SMP correction or contemplating Scalp Micropigmentation for the first time, we invite you to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. Let Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH be the starting point of your life-changing journey.