When it comes to the art of scalp micropigmentation, commonly referred to as SMP, some confusion may arise regarding its classification as a tattoo. While it can be called a hair tattoo, scalp tattoo, or head tattoo, it is essential to grasp the distinctions that set SMP apart from traditional tattoos.

SMP as a Form of Artistry in Houston, Texas & Austin, Texas

Operating in Houston, Texas, and Austin, Texas, we, at Ohio SMP Studio, view scalp micropigmentation as a form of artistry that requires precision and skill. Utilizing medical-grade ink, we ensure the ink’s safety for scalp micro pigmentation, offering a predictable and long-lasting result, resistant to color changes even in the famed Texan humidity.

Needle Techniques for Superior Results

Our SMP artist, Clayton Rush, employs two types of needles to achieve flawless results. The single-point needle caters to finer details and acute blending, while the three-point needle ensures consistent ink deposition for a natural appearance, replicating tiny hair follicles.

The Technique: An Art in Itself

In the realm of scalp micropigmentation, the technique employed is crucial. The process involves placing dots precisely into the skin’s correct layer, avoiding any dragging or drawing, guaranteeing a seamless outcome.

Artistic Precision for a Photorealistic Effect

Scalp Micropigmentation is more than an ordinary tattoo; it is an intricate form of pointillism. Our goal is to create a photorealistic effect that mirrors natural hair follicles as closely as possible, leaving no room for artistic license or noticeable quirks.

Embracing the Natural Beauty of SMP

Unlike traditional tattoos or artistic creations, scalp micropigmentation does not seek attention or admiration as art pieces. Instead, it embraces the natural beauty of closely mimicking real hair follicles, creating an appearance so natural that it becomes imperceptible.

Medical Procedure vs. SMP

While some may refer to SMP as a “medical procedure,” it is essential to recognize that scalp micropigmentation is a specialized art form, distinct from hair transplant surgeries. Beware of those who might exploit this misclassification for financial gain, charging exorbitant prices for a service they don’t genuinely specialize in.

Embrace the Uniqueness of Scalp Micropigmentation

In conclusion, understanding the nuances that differentiate scalp micropigmentation from traditional tattoos is crucial. At Ohio SMP Studio, we take immense pride in our SMP artistry and are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients in Houston, Texas, and Austin, Texas. Should you have any inquiries or require guidance in your scalp micro pigmentation journey, our experienced team is always here to assist you.