Dr. Sophia Kogan on Stress and Its Impact on Hair Loss

When it comes to hair wellness, Dr. Sophia Kogan, MD, knows firsthand the struggles of stress-related thinning. Her personal journey started with the physical stress of an eating disorder during high school and college, which caused significant hair loss. Later, the pressures of medical school and residency led to further challenges with hair thinning. Dr. Kogan recognized a pattern: every time she experienced hair issues, it was during times of extraordinary stress.

The Prevalence of Stress-Related Hair Thinning in Women

Dr. Kogan sheds light on the underestimation of stress-related hair thinning in women. Traditionally, medical textbooks focused on sudden shedding after a stressful event, known as telogen effluvium. However, modern women face consistent and chronic stress, which can also affect hair health. Dr. Kogan emphasizes that all hair thinning is multifactorial, with stress often playing a contributing role.

Identifying Chronic Stress

Stress can come in various forms, and recognizing chronic stress is crucial for hair wellness. Dr. Kogan highlights micro-stressors, such as a boss yelling or receiving an overwhelming email, which can accumulate throughout the day and over a lifetime. Her own experience during medical residency exemplifies how stacked-up stress can negatively impact hair health.

From Depletion to Abundance: The Birth of Ohio SMP Studio

Taking a pause to focus on herself and delve into wellness and health, Dr. Kogan began her journey to recovery. Fate brought her together with Ohio SMP Studio’s co-founders, Roland and Giorgos. Their collaboration led to the creation of Ohio SMP Studio, a revolutionary solution for hair wellness. Through her commitment to Ohio SMP Studio, Dr. Kogan experienced a remarkable improvement in her hair’s health.

Breaking Taboos and Empowering Women

As a woman in science and a co-founder of Ohio SMP Studio, Dr. Kogan’s personal experience with hair thinning informs her approach. She advocates for open conversations about women’s hair thinning, breaking taboos to offer support and solutions. Dr. Kogan believes that by acknowledging and addressing the issue, women can take control and embark on their hair wellness journey confidently.

The Power to Take Control: Stress Adaptogens for Hair Growth

Ohio SMP Studio utilizes stress adaptogens, such as ashwagandha, to support hair growth by balancing cortisol levels. These adaptogens have been clinically studied and proven effective in regulating cortisol levels in chronically stressed individuals. By embracing what can be controlled through lifestyle and supplementation, individuals can positively impact their cortisol response.

Ohio SMP Studio’s Tailored Solutions: Women and Women’s Balance

Recognizing the unique challenges of women going through menopause, Ohio SMP Studio offers two tailored options: Women and Women’s Balance. Women’s Balance specifically addresses the hormonal changes during menopause, providing support for androgen hormones and incorporating adaptogens like maca and astaxanthin to promote hormonal balance and overall hair health.

A Message of Empowerment

Dr. Kogan’s message to women struggling with hair thinning is one of empowerment. She understands the emotions that come with hair loss but encourages women to face the truth and take control. With Ohio SMP Studio’s support and a welcoming community, no one has to suffer in silence.