What Exactly Is SMP?

Most men will eventually experience hair loss, affecting approximately 95% of them at some point in their lives. This loss often leads to a decline in confidence. Fortunately, there’s an affordable and effective solution available, sparing you from expensive hair transplants or a lifetime of hats.

Scalp micropigmentation, now offered in Columbus, OH by the Ohio SMP Studio, is here to restore your confidence.

Understanding the SMP Process

As the name suggests, scalp micropigmentation involves adding color to the scalp, mimicking the appearance of stubble on a bare skin. This innovative process entails creating hundreds or even thousands of tiny black dots through permanent tattoos, resulting in a realistic shaved head look rather than the appearance of baldness.

Expert SMP artists like Clayton Rush can tailor the procedure based on your age, current hairline, and facial structure, ensuring the best possible outcome.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Similar to other tattooing procedures, scalp micropigmentation may cause some discomfort. However, the ink is only deposited into the top layers of the skin, making the pain more bearable compared to conventional tattoos. Numbing cream or gel is applied by the professional to minimize any discomfort further, making the procedure nearly painless for most individuals, akin to a mild sunburn sensation.

Duration of the Procedure

The time required for the scalp micropigmentation procedure varies depending on the area to be covered. For those looking to refine a receding hairline, the procedure typically takes an hour or less. However, for more extensive work, multiple sessions might be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Preparation Tips

Before the procedure, it is recommended to shave your hair as close to the scalp as possible to facilitate the process. Avoid drinking alcohol before the appointment, as it can thin your blood, leading to increased bleeding during the procedure and potentially affecting pigmentation retention. Consider bringing headphones if you need a distraction during the session.

Post-Procedure Aftercare

SMP is a relatively noninvasive procedure, allowing most people to heal quickly with minimal aftercare. However, to ensure optimal results, refrain from tanning for about 3-4 weeks after the procedure to prevent fading. Avoid touching or scratching the scalp as it heals, as this could impede the healing process. Additionally, avoid chlorinated water, such as in pools and hot tubs, for the first 10 days to reduce the risk of infection.

Cost Considerations

The cost of scalp micropigmentation depends on the extent of the scalp to be covered. Shorter treatments are more budget-friendly, while comprehensive treatments may have a higher price tag. To determine the exact cost for your specific needs, reach out to a professional at Ohio SMP Studio for a personalized consultation.

Scalp Micropigmentation: The Ideal Choice in Columbus, OH

For those seeking an affordable and effective solution to hair loss, scalp micropigmentation at Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, is a fantastic option. Trust the expertise of SMP artist Clayton Rush, and experience stellar results that will boost your confidence.

For more information about scalp micropigmentation in Columbus, OH, don’t hesitate to contact us today.