The Ohio SMP Studio extends its heartfelt gratitude to CosmoBiz for publishing a highly informative article in their latest edition, shedding light on the art and science of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). As a prominent leader in the field of SMP, the Ohio SMP Studio not only conducts numerous successful SMP treatments annually but also takes immense pride in training aspiring SMP artists.

Proper SMP Training for Aspiring Artists

With numerous SMP training programs available, it becomes crucial to choose wisely. While many rely on Tattoo and PMU equipment, the Ohio SMP Studio differentiates itself by producing its own SMP Certified Needles and Inks, ensuring top-notch SMP treatments. Developed by their Master SMP Artist, who holds extensive industry experience, the Ohio SMP Studio’s training program addresses the inadequacies of today’s SMP treatments and equipment. Their SMP Certified Equipment bears the  Seal of Approval, guaranteeing authenticity and exclusivity.

The Essential Components – SMP Power Source, Machine, Needles, and Inks

To deliver impeccable SMP results, the right tools are imperative. The power source used must be potent enough to drive the needle effectively through the first layer of skin, ensuring clean and accurate results. Unlike PMU machines, which are better suited for Permanent Makeup, the Ohio SMP Studio partners with Cheyenne, renowned for producing the best Tattoo Machines in the world. Their SMP machine possesses the necessary power and settings to drive the needle accurately and minimize unnecessary vibrations.

When it comes to SMP Needles, the Ohio SMP Studio collaborates with Cheyenne, offering high-quality needles without any backflow issues. Unlike most SMP providers who use tattoo or permanent makeup needles, the studio’s SMP Certified needles cater to various skin types and ethnicities. They have designed three specialized needle types, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.

Similarly, their SMP Inks are exclusively formulated for SMP, free from any carcinogens, and guaranteed not to change color over time. Unlike providers who use inks from unknown sources or PMU pigments, which may result in color fading, the Ohio SMP Studio prioritizes safety and long-lasting results with their specialized SMP Inks.

The Value of Training with the Ohio SMP Studio

Beyond imparting SMP knowledge, the Ohio SMP Studio ensures continuous growth for its students. Post-training, they offer online continuing education courses, personalized websites to attract clients, and inclusion in their esteemed SMP Network of Artists, enhancing visibility. Students enjoy listing on Google Places, ongoing marketing, and advertising training, solidifying their success in the SMP industry. The Ohio SMP Studio’s commitment lies not only in training but in ensuring the prosperity of their artists, as their achievements reflect the studio’s own success.