How To Prepare Your Scalp for a Scalp Tattoo Experience

At Ohio SMP Studio, we take pride in helping more than 10,000 men overcome hair loss with our exceptional scalp tattoos. A scalp tattoo, also known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), offers the appearance of a well-groomed buzz cut, providing you with renewed confidence and style. Preparing your scalp’s skin is crucial for a comfortable and seamless tattoo experience that you’ll cherish.

Caring for Your Skin Ahead of the SMP Treatment

Preparing your scalp properly before, during, and after the SMP treatment can significantly impact your overall experience. Follow these guidelines to ensure your skin is at its best for your upcoming scalp tattoo session:

Gentle Scalp Cleansing

In the weeks leading up to your SMP treatment, maintain a daily scalp-cleansing routine. Wash your scalp at least once a day to remove any excess dirt or oil. Opt for a gentle, fragrance-free shampoo that won’t irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions, communicate this during your consultation with our talented artist. They can provide tailored advice, including recommendations regarding any topical medications you may use.

After the treatment, refrain from washing your scalp for five days. If you experience itching, light irritation, or excess oiliness, use a cloth and warm water to gently dab your scalp for relief without compromising the treatment.

Moisturize Your Scalp

Prior to your SMP appointment, moisturize your scalp once or twice daily with a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer. Hydrated skin helps the artist complete your scalp tattoo with ease and ensures a more comfortable process.

Similar to washing, avoid moisturizing your scalp during the initial five days after the treatment. Afterward, return to your daily moisturizing routine.

Stay Hydrated for Healthy Skin

Proper hydration plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin. Dehydrated skin can become more sensitive and slow down the healing process. Leading up to your treatment and during your recovery period, be diligent about your water intake. Increase hydration by drinking sufficient water or consuming water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Shield Your Scalp from Sun Exposure

Protect your scalp from sunburn by avoiding sun exposure for several days before and 21 days after the SMP treatment. Sunlight can break down the pigments used in micropigmentation, leading to fading of your scalp tattoo. Wear a hat and take necessary precautions to minimize sun exposure. After 21 days, your scalp should be more resilient to moderate sun exposure. When your practitioner allows, use sunscreen like Folicule’s Scalp Sunscreen to safeguard your scalp from the sun’s harmful effects.

Adhere to Aftercare Guidelines

Your practitioner will provide a set of aftercare guidelines following your treatment. Many of these guidelines align with the recommendations mentioned above, such as washing, moisturizing, and avoiding sun exposure. Additionally, you should refrain from sweating and trimming your hair for the initial five days after the treatment. Ample rest will also aid in your scalp’s healing process. Adhering to these guidelines fosters healthier skin, contributing to optimal treatment results and an improved overall scalp tattoo experience.

Your practitioner can also tailor specific guidelines according to your skin type and any existing skin conditions. Feel free to discuss your concerns and preferences during the consultation.

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