Welcome to Ohio SMP Studio, your premier destination for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) in Footscray, VIC. Our expert SMP artist, Clayton Rush, is renowned for his exceptional skills in creating natural-looking results. We understand the significance of a full head of hair and are dedicated to helping clients camouflage thinning hairlines with our advanced SMP hair tattoo technique.

Tailored SMP Treatment:

At Ohio SMP Studio, we believe that each client is unique, and so should be their SMP treatment. Our personalized approach ensures that every session is customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of our valued clients.

Natural-Looking Results:

Our top priority is to achieve results that are not only natural-looking but also durable over time. We take into account the possibility of further hair loss, and our SMP is designed to remain undetectable and look seamless, even if hair loss progresses.

The SMP Procedure:

To achieve a denser and fuller appearance of hair, SMP treatments for thickening existing hair are spaced 10-14 days apart. This allows ample time for the skin to heal between sessions and for the pigment to settle into the skin effectively.

Book a Free Consultation:

If you’re ready to enhance your look with Scalp Micropigmentation, book a free consultation with our skilled SMP artist, Clayton Rush. Take the first step towards a confident and rejuvenated appearance.