Are you ready to take your Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) skills to the next level?

Look no further than Ohio SMP Studio, the go-to destination for SMP artists in Columbus, OH, and beyond. As one of the busiest and most highly-rated SMP studios in the region, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that leave our clients satisfied and confident.

Meet Clayton Rush, the visionary owner of Ohio SMP Studio and one of the world’s finest SMP artists. With an impressive track record of transforming countless scalps with his signature 3D realism tattoo style, Clayton Rush is not only a renowned artist but also a certified trainer. Holding a Cert IV TAE Trainer and Assessor certification, he is authorized to design, teach, and deliver nationally accredited SMP training programs. When you train with Ohio SMP Studio, you’re not just learning from any trainer – you’re gaining insights from a true SMP specialist who performs hundreds of treatments each year.

At Ohio SMP Studio, we are committed to elevating the SMP industry by providing top-notch training and refresher courses for certified SMP artists. Our Advanced Training option is perfect for professionals seeking to enhance their skills, refresh their knowledge, or master our exclusive 3D realism technique. Whether you choose a one-on-one session with Clayton Rush or join our group class, you’ll receive personalized attention and guidance tailored to your specific questions and areas of focus.

During our comprehensive training, you’ll delve into essential topics such as color theory, needle selection, skin types, blending, shading, and more. Moreover, we share our expert insights on booking systems, client forms, sales strategies, and social media marketing to help you establish a successful SMP practice in Columbus, OH, and beyond.

For experienced SMP artists looking to take their results to new heights, our Two-day Mentoring option provides hands-on practice with a model of your own. Alternatively, we can arrange for models if you prefer, catering to interstate clients as well.

At Ohio SMP Studio, we believe in ongoing learning and support for our students. Upon completion of the training, you’ll be awarded the prestigious Inkd SMP Masterclass ongoing learning certificate, signifying your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Ready to level up your SMP game? Reach out to Ohio SMP Studio today, and let’s craft a personalized training plan that suits your needs and aspirations. Join our esteemed community of SMP artists and be part of the thriving SMP scene in Columbus, OH, where artistry and compassion come together to transform lives.