Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has emerged as a highly effective solution for individuals experiencing hair loss. If you’re considering this treatment, you might be wondering whether people will notice your hair tattoo. Rest assured, at Ohio SMP Studio, we understand your concerns, and we’ve perfected our unique SMP process to create results that are incredibly realistic.

How Does SMP Differ From Regular Tattoos?

The Ink: Unlike regular tattoo ink, our practitioners use a specialized black pigment called Folicule, allowing us to precisely match your hair color. Through a meticulous pigment matching process, we ensure that the tattoo seamlessly blends with your natural hair, achieving an undetectable appearance.

The Process: Employing a pointillism technique, our skilled artists create tiny dots that replicate natural hair follicles. Unlike conventional tattoos, SMP requires less ink, reducing the risk of ink migration or blotching, which could distort the tattoo. Additionally, by depositing the pigment deeper (around 1.5-2 mm) into the dermis, we prevent migration, discoloration, and ensure longer-lasting results. This technique also safeguards against quick fading caused by UV rays.

The Artist: Scalp Micropigmentation is a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing, distinct from traditional tattooing. At Ohio SMP Studio, our artists are extensively trained and licensed in micropigmentation. With their talent and experience, they consistently deliver outstanding results that complement your appearance.

Understanding the SMP Process at Ohio SMP Studio:

Consultation: We offer complimentary consultations at our Columbus, OH location. During this session, you can discuss your concerns and preferences with our artist, exploring the possibilities for your hairline. If you decide to proceed with SMP, you’ll typically need 2-3 sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours, scheduled at least ten days apart to allow ample healing time.

First Session: In your initial treatment, our artist will review hairline and style options with you. You’ll notice immediate results, and any minor fading will be addressed in subsequent sessions. We’ll provide aftercare guidelines to follow between sessions, promoting scalp moisturization, optimal healing, and minimal fading.

Second and Third Session: In the second session, we build upon the progress from the first, ensuring seamless blending with your natural hair. If necessary, a third session may be recommended to achieve your desired look.

Embrace a Natural-Looking Solution Today!

If you’ve hesitated to get SMP due to concerns about its visibility, Ohio SMP Studio invites you to explore our website. Browse through our treatment gallery to witness natural-looking results achieved by our satisfied clients. Read reviews from individuals who have experienced our services firsthand. Reach out to schedule a consultation, and our team will gladly address any inquiries you may have. Ohio SMP Studio takes pride in providing thousands of clients with results they love; let us transform your confidence too.