Pattern Hair Loss: A Common Concern in Columbus, OH

Pattern hair loss, medically known as androgenetic alopecia, affects both men and women, making it a prevalent issue in Columbus, OH. This type of hair loss is aptly named because it follows a distinct pattern of occurrence. However, it’s crucial to recognize that males and females experience different patterns of hair loss, each requiring specific attention and understanding.

Male Pattern Hair Loss: Unraveling the Norwood Scale

For men in Columbus, OH, more than 50% of those over 50 may encounter male pattern hair loss. Genetics play a significant role in causing this type of hair loss, which is also linked to the male sex hormones, known as androgens.

Assessing male pattern hair loss is facilitated by using the Norwood Scale, a seven-level classification system that helps determine the stage of hair loss. As the scale’s number increases, the severity of hair loss becomes more pronounced.

Norwood Type 1 – Maintaining a Youthful Hairline: Men in this stage exhibit minimal to no hairline recession, with no evident hair loss at the crown. Some individuals might sustain this hair pattern throughout their lives.

Norwood Type 2 – Early Signs of Recession: At this stage, men may display a slight recession of the hairline at the temples, while the crown remains unaffected. Early indications of the standard M-, V-, or U-shaped hairline may appear, but not all men continue to experience hair loss as they age.

Norwood Type 3 – Thinning at Temples and Frontal Area: Men experience noticeable hair loss at the temples and frontal region of the scalp, often leading to the development of the M-, V-, or U-shaped hairline. Some may also encounter hair loss at the crown or vertex during this phase.

Norwood Type 4 – Advancement of Hair Loss: Hair loss becomes evident across the front of the scalp, the temples, and the crown. A narrow band of hair may separate the two areas affected by hair loss.

Norwood Type 5 – Significant Hair Loss: Men in this category show substantial hair loss around the front of the scalp, temples, and crown, with noticeable thinning of the hairband separating the forehead and the crown. The horseshoe pattern of hair loss becomes more pronounced at this stage.

Norwood Type 6 – Drastic Hair Loss: At this point, hair loss becomes more severe at the front of the scalp, temples, and crown. The areas of hair loss eventually merge, leading to thinning or total loss of the hairband that previously separated the forehead and crown.

Norwood Type 7 – Most Severe Baldness: Men classified as Norwood Type 7 experience the most severe male pattern baldness. By this stage, the front of the scalp, temples, and crown have minimal hair, with only the horseshoe pattern remaining.

Female Pattern Hair Loss: Unveiling the Ludwig Scale

Women in Columbus, OH, also encounter pattern hair loss, with less than half experiencing noticeable hair thinning before the age of 65, often triggered by events like childbirth or menopause. Similar to male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss also has a genetic component and is influenced by hormones.

The Ludwig Scale is a valuable tool used to assess the extent of female pattern hair loss and determine the appropriate approach for addressing it.

Ludwig Type 1 – Mild Thinning at the Crown: Thinning begins at the top of the head or the crown, appearing mild and not very noticeable. Women might first notice this by observing a slight widening of their part.

Ludwig Type 2 – Increased Scalp Visibility: More scalp becomes visible, with apparent hair loss at the top of the head or crown. The hair may feel or look thinner, and increased shedding may occur. Styling the hair becomes more challenging as volume decreases and the part broadens.

Ludwig Type 3 – Severe Hair Loss: Hair is significantly reduced at the top of the head and crown, representing the most severe type of pattern hair loss in women. The scalp becomes more visible, as hair becomes so thin that there is little contrast between hair and scalp. It’s important to note that female hair loss usually involves hair thinning rather than total hair loss.

Empowering the Columbus Community with Hair Loss Solutions

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