As the owner of Ohio SMP Studio, I frequently encounter three common questions from our valued clients in Columbus, OH: “Does it Hurt?” “Will people be able to tell it’s a Scalp Tattoo?” and “How much does Scalp Pigmentation cost or How much does Hair Pigmentation cost?”

Consistent Prices for Exceptional Service

One of the first things people ask is whether our prices are the same at our studio in Columbus, OH. I am proud to assure you that the quotes are 100% identical across all our locations, maintaining the highest standards of service.

The Evolution of Scalp Micropigmentation Costs

Over the years, the cost of scalp micropigmentation has considerably decreased since its inception. When I first received the treatment years ago at HISHair Clinic, I paid around $5500.00, but today, the prices have become more affordable. Not only have the costs gone down, but the expertise of the best SMP artists has also improved significantly. Smaller businesses, like Ohio SMP Studio, have the advantage of lower overheads, offering even better value to our valued customers in Columbus.

Factors Affecting the Final Quote

At Ohio SMP Studio, we determine the final quote based on four essential factors:

  • The area that needs to be covered.
  • The density and amount of remaining hair.
  • The blending required to match the client’s existing hair.
  • Covering scars resulting from surgery or other specific situations.

Please refer to the chart below as a rough guide to our charges, but keep in mind that each scalp is unique, and our precise work may lead to a quote that varies from the chart.

Investing in Confidence

While cost is an essential factor, I urge our clients not to make it the sole focus of this treatment. Scalp micropigmentation is an investment in confidence and self-esteem. While higher prices don’t necessarily guarantee better treatment, beware of inflated quotes from medical facilities or hair transplant doctors who are not specialists in this form of artistry. Scalp pigmentation is an artistic process, not a medical procedure.

Making an Informed Decision

Before making a decision, I encourage you to do thorough research and visit several clinics in Columbus, OH. When you visit us, you won’t be dealing with salespeople but your actual SMP artist. Building trust with your artist is crucial for an excellent scalp pigmentation procedure.