As an OBGYN, I experienced the bewildering reality of postpartum hair thinning while caring for my 8-week-old baby in the shower. Knowing it was a normal occurrence, I still sought ways to halt the shedding and support my body’s recovery after childbirth. Driven by this personal journey, I delved into extensive research to explore safe and effective ingredients that could aid in my recovery while ensuring the well-being of my baby.

As a physician and integrative health expert, I meticulously evaluated micronutrients, botanicals, and fatty acids that could benefit both my health and my hair’s revival. Among the treasures I unearthed was Shatavari, the Ayurvedic botanical renowned for its postpartum care properties, providing holistic support to the body. Additionally, Nettle, rich in iron and micronutrients crucial for hair health, captivated my attention. Considering the physical stress my body endured during childbirth, I sought Omega-3 fatty acids and Tocotrienols to facilitate recovery, along with L-theanine for stress relief. It was vital to select ingredients traditionally used during lactation and the postpartum phase, mindful of their potential transfer to my baby through breast milk.

Driven by my personal success with various supplements promoting hair growth, I shared these insights with my patients. When collaborating with Ohio SMP Studio to develop their postpartum formula, our focus was on integrating these natural, breastfeeding-friendly, and whole-food sources into a single, innovative, and convenient supplement. After all, new mothers already have enough on their plates without worrying about taking multiple daily supplements or their compatibility during breastfeeding.

The Ohio SMP Studio Postpartum formula incorporates essential ingredients that have proven clinical effectiveness, including:

  • DHA Omega-3s: To bolster the body’s stress and immune responses, promoting balanced mood and cognitive health while benefiting the baby’s brain and eye development. Derived from algae, this alternative source ensures no fishy burps, making it ideal for vegetarian mothers.
  • Collagen-OSA: Providing additional protein and mineral support, enhancing hair growth and gut health.
  • Shatavari: An Ayurvedic adaptogen that combats stress and supports female reproductive health, traditionally used after childbirth.
  • Theanine: A calming amino acid that counteracts emotional stress, facilitating relaxation, restorative sleep, and improved energy, which are paramount with a new baby.
  • Apple: An antioxidant-rich in polyphenols, nurturing the body and fostering hair growth.
  • Nettle: A botanical with abundant iron content, vital for healthy hair growth, traditionally embraced during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Tocotrienol Complex: A potent antioxidant battling oxidative stress to enhance hair density.

While this supplement is a valuable addition, it does not replace your postnatal multivitamin. It is always advisable to consult your physician before incorporating any new supplement into your regimen. These natural ingredients, which aided my postpartum body and hair recovery, are now harnessed in a unique blend of clinically effective botanicals in Ohio SMP Studio’s Postpartum formula. We are hopeful that it will offer you the support you need on your journey to postpartum hair rejuvenation.