Initial Consultation and Preparations

Once you’ve made the decision to undergo the transformative experience of scalp micropigmentation (SMP), the anticipation and excitement for your first session may be mixed with a touch of nervousness. At Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, we understand that each individual’s journey is unique and aim to provide you with a comfortable and informed experience.

Before your first scalp micropigmentation session, you will have already met Clayton Rush, the owner and one of the finest SMP artists globally, during your consultation. Together, you will discuss your hairline style, expectations, and determine if SMP is the right solution for you. Our trained specialists will gladly answer any questions you may have, ensuring you feel confident about the process ahead.

Crafting Your Perfect Hairline

During your first session at Ohio SMP Studio, Clayton Rush will begin by creating a blueprint for your new hairline. Utilizing a white wax pencil, he will meticulously design the desired hairline position, seeking your input to achieve perfection. Once the hairline mockup is approved, preparations for the treatment will begin.

Preparing for the SMP Treatment

Before any needles touch the canvas, Clayton Rush will carefully assess the pigment and density requirements. Additionally, he will examine your scalp for any blemishes or scars in the treatment area, ensuring the best possible results.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Process

With the setup complete and pigment ready, the SMP treatment will commence. At Ohio SMP Studio, we value your comfort, and the first session typically lasts around 2 to 3 hours. Throughout this time, you can relax as Clayton skillfully applies the first layer of pigmentation.

During the session, Clayton will periodically check in with you, providing short breaks as needed. This gives you the chance to grab a light snack or visit the restroom while ensuring your utmost comfort.

Aftercare and Follow-up Sessions

Once your first scalp micropigmentation session is completed, Clayton will provide you with essential aftercare instructions. These guidelines may include protecting your scalp from direct sunlight, avoiding excessive sweating, and refraining from scratching.

Within the next 10-14 days, you’ll return to Ohio SMP Studio for your follow-up session. The subsequent 2 to 3 sessions are vital for ensuring the pigment remains in your scalp, leading to long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Trust Ohio SMP Studio for an Unforgettable Journey

At Ohio SMP Studio, we pride ourselves on being a part of the Columbus community and welcoming clients from all across America and the world. Clayton Rush’s expertise and passion for scalp micropigmentation have earned him international recognition. When you choose Ohio SMP Studio, you can be confident that you’ll receive exceptional service and unmatched artistry.