People from Columbus, OH, and beyond are increasingly turning to scalp micropigmentation (SMP) as a reliable hair restoration treatment. But what comes next? If you’re wondering about the best practices for head shaving post-SMP, we’ve got you covered. As compassionate SMP artists who deeply value our local community, we understand your concerns and want you to enjoy the full benefits of this procedure.

The Waiting Period Once you’ve had your SMP treatment, your scalp will develop scabs as a part of the healing process. It’s crucial not to pick at them or attempt any cleaning during this period. Allow at least a week before attempting your first head shave. Afterward, you can decide on a shaving schedule that suits your preferences. Depending on your specific hair pattern and bald spots, you might need more frequent shaves to maintain the desired look. Remember, regular shaving is essential to keep the results looking natural and fresh.

Clean And Angle The Trimmer Since you’ll be shaving your head multiple times a week, it’s important to keep your trimmer clean and free of dust before each use. A quick dust-off and disinfectant spray will do the trick. When using the trimmer, angle it in the direction of your hair growth for a smoother glide. Your hand can serve as a guide to help achieve the desired results.

Go Against The Grain To achieve a clean and precise result, it’s recommended to stretch the skin slightly while shaving. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure, as it may cause bleeding. For a more symmetrical buzz cut, consider shaving against the grain of the hair. This will effectively remove any excess hair, resulting in a neat and polished look.

Be Sure To Go Over Your Treated Patches Though there might not be much hair left in your treated area, you may notice some peach fuzz that requires attention. To maintain the natural appearance of your SMP, ensure the uniformity of your buzz cut even in these areas.

Shaving your head after a scalp micropigmentation treatment might feel intimidating at first, but fear not. With a little practice and patience, you’ll master the art of post-SMP head shaving, enjoying a seamless blend of style and confidence.