Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that many men face as they age, and it can be a source of concern and distress. Understanding the stages of hair loss is crucial to address the issue effectively and regain your confidence. As the owner of Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, I’m passionate about helping our local community combat male pattern baldness through Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment.

Stage 1 At this initial stage, hair thinning around the temples and hairline may go unnoticed. It’s essential to be aware of this subtle change, especially if baldness runs in your family. Early intervention, such as hair oiling and scalp massage, can strengthen hair follicles and prevent further damage.

Stage 2 Hair thinning becomes more apparent in this stage, with a receding hairline and an M-shaped hairline forming. Environmental factors may exacerbate hair loss, making it crucial to protect your scalp from pollution and cigarette smoke.

Stage 3 Bald spots and hair loss become more evident, with the hairline forming a U or V shape. At this point, the condition can be classified as “baldness” on the Norwood scale. Dietary adjustments, including zinc and iron-rich foods, can help support hair health.

Stage 4 Hair loss is substantial at this stage, with prominent bald patches at the back of the head. Sparse strands may connect the temples. Considering SMP treatment or hair transplants becomes necessary to address the severity of baldness.

Stage 5 The classic U-shaped hairline is visible in this stage, making hair loss challenging to treat. SMP treatment becomes a viable option, providing a non-invasive solution to create the illusion of denser hair and cover up bald spots.

Stage 6 Hair thinning is extensive, and bald patches are wider, mainly concentrated at the top and front of the head. SMP treatment proves effective in reducing visible baldness and giving the scalp a fuller appearance.

Stage 7 In this final stage of baldness on the Norwood scale, hair loss is complete, leaving only fine hairs around the temples. Unfortunately, options for hair recovery become limited, and acceptance becomes essential.

At Ohio SMP Studio, we understand the emotional impact of hair loss, and that’s why we recommend SMP treatment for men in Columbus, OH. This non-invasive and cost-effective solution can restore your happiness and confidence, helping you embrace a fuller-looking head of hair.