If you’re among those facing hair loss, thinning, or balding, the struggle to maintain a confident appearance in public can be daunting. Thankfully, the transformative power of scalp micropigmentation awaits you at Ohio SMP Studio. Witness the journey to a more fulfilling life through this revolutionary procedure.

  • Set Clear Expectations: Before stepping into our clinic, take a moment to understand your goals. While our skilled SMP artists have consistently satisfied clients, knowing what to expect from the treatment is crucial. Avoid setting irrational hopes, such as expecting hair regrowth or increased length. Scalp micropigmentation enhances the appearance of density, giving your scalp a fuller and more natural look.
  • Prepare Your Scalp: To ensure optimal results, follow a few important steps. Refrain from using any topical products, like moisturizers, 48 hours prior to your appointment. This helps cleanse your scalp, facilitating the practitioner’s work during the procedure. Additionally, cutting your hair, as suggested by our experts, not only saves time but also helps you adjust to the new hair length.
  • Thoroughly Cleanse Your Scalp: Prioritize a thorough scalp wash before the treatment. This becomes even more crucial during the post-treatment phase when washing your scalp won’t be allowed for a few days. Schedule your wash day one day before the treatment or as close to the appointment as possible to ensure a clean canvas for the SMP process.
  • Nourish Your Body: Don’t overlook the time duration of the scalp micropigmentation procedure, which can take a few hours. To ensure a smooth experience, be well-fed and hydrated throughout the treatment. Preparing your body will help you comfortably sail through the process.

By following these preparatory measures, you’ll be fully ready for a gratifying scalp micropigmentation journey at Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH. Our team of talented SMP artists offers one of the best treatments in the industry, and we are committed to providing you with a satisfying and transformative experience!