Welcome to Ohio SMP Studio, the leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in Columbus, OH, where we are dedicated to empowering individuals suffering from hair loss to regain their confidence. Led by renowned SMP artist Clayton Rush, our team specializes in providing the most authentic and seamless SMP treatments using cutting-edge techniques. If you seek a faded and dusty hairline, known for its exceptional realism, Ohio SMP Studio is your ultimate destination.

Selecting the Perfect SMP Artist: Insights from a Mentor

Choosing the right SMP artist is of utmost importance to achieve your desired results. Allow me to share invaluable insights from one of my mentors, Marc Allen of Creativescalps, as we delve into the essential factors to consider when selecting an SMP artist. Marc’s direct and honest advice will navigate you through this process, ensuring you find the best artist to meet your needs.

Evaluating Location and Pricing

While some may prioritize convenience and pricing when choosing an SMP artist, we encourage those seeking premium and high-quality treatments to conduct further research. At Ohio SMP Studio, we believe that while these factors matter, the individual artist’s expertise and skill should be paramount.

Researching the SMP Artist

When searching for an SMP artist, it’s crucial to look beyond the clinic’s location and price. Reputable studios, like Ohio SMP Studio, provide comprehensive information about their artists’ experience, skill level, and portfolio, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Assessing the Quality of Work

Judging an SMP artist’s work can be daunting for newcomers. Look for artists who create clean and realistic impressions that blend seamlessly with your natural hairline. Detailed close-up photos and videos are essential to evaluate their technique and results.

Versatility and Range of Styles

Ensure your chosen SMP artist can cater to various styles and preferences. At Ohio SMP Studio, our skilled artists are adept at shaping hairlines, creating soft and receded looks, blending with natural hair, and even replicating unique patterns, scars, or styles. We encourage you to review examples of their work that align with your desired outcome.

Consider the Artist’s Background

Understanding an SMP artist’s background and journey can offer valuable context. Discover how they became involved in scalp micropigmentation and the experiences and skills they bring to the table. Artists with diverse backgrounds, such as barbers or tattooists, may provide unique perspectives and expertise.

Reviews and Testimonials

Genuine reviews from previous clients provide valuable insights into an SMP artist’s professionalism and expertise. While it’s normal to encounter a few negative reviews for popular artists, exercise your judgment to discern authentic feedback.

Interacting with the Artist

When communicating with an SMP artist, observe their level of attentiveness and sincerity. A good SMP artist will listen to your concerns, offer honest feedback, and ensure both parties have a clear understanding of the desired outcome.

Assessing the Equipment Used

While the artist’s equipment is crucial, focus more on their passion for utilizing the latest technology and continuously improving their techniques. Established artists like Clayton Rush at Ohio SMP Studio utilize top-quality equipment, but their passion and dedication are equally vital for exceptional results.


Selecting the right scalp micropigmentation artist is paramount in achieving your desired results. By considering factors such as the artist’s background, quality of work, real-life results, versatility, and client reviews, you can make an informed decision. Remember, an experienced and dedicated SMP artist, like those at Ohio SMP Studio, will ensure a satisfying and natural-looking outcome for your scalp micropigmentation treatment. Embark on your SMP journey with us in Columbus, OH, and experience the freedom of a perfectly framed face with a 5 o’clock shadow look.