Are you considering scalp micropigmentation (SMP) to regain your hairline’s confidence? If you’ve had enough of messy foams and temporary hair loss remedies that leave you feeling insecure, it might be time to explore SMP. As the owner of Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, I’m here to provide you with crucial insights before you schedule your first consultation.

Things to Know Before Embarking on SMP

  • Scalp Micropigmentation is a Lasting Solution

SMP offers a permanent solution to hair loss, eliminating the need for daily creams or frequent maintenance appointments.

  • Comfort During SMP

Most clients find SMP to be relatively painless, though it may cause slight discomfort at times. Compared to traditional tattoos, SMP is much less painful due to the usage of fine, small needles. Our skilled SMP artist, Clayton Rush, ensures a gentle experience, offering breaks whenever necessary during the two to four-hour sessions.

  • Debunking the “Scalp Tattoo” Misconception

While SMP is often referred to as “scalp tattoo” or “hairline tattoo,” it differs from conventional tattoos. The pigments used are cosmetic and belong to the category of permanent cosmetics. At Ohio SMP Studio, our technicians use pigments without additives or additional colorants, ensuring they won’t discolor over time. Unlike traditional tattoo machines, we utilize specialized machines designed explicitly for SMP, employing needles that apply single micro-dots of pigment at the precise depth into the skin.

  • SMP is Highly Effective

Unlike other hair loss remedies, SMP boasts a remarkable 100% effectiveness rate, making it a reliable solution for everyone. In contrast, many topical medications or pills/foams only work for a small percentage of users. At Ohio SMP Studio, we guarantee that scalp micropigmentation will provide you with the appearance of a well-groomed buzz cut.

  • Tailored Hairline Options

At Ohio SMP Studio, we understand your concerns about the final result. During your consultation, our practitioner will discuss various hairline options, even offering computerized simulations of potential styles. You can opt for a naturally imperfect hairline or a more modern, straighter style. As the sessions progress, we welcome your input to ensure we achieve the desired look.

  • Preparing for Your SMP Session

Before your SMP appointment, it’s crucial to avoid alcohol, energy drinks, coffee, tea, and certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as they act as blood thinners. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smoother and more effective SMP session.

  • Grow Your Hair Out Whenever You Want

Although SMP aims to mimic the appearance of a closely shaved head, it won’t interfere with your natural hair growth. SMP pigments are strategically placed around existing hair follicles, creating a fuller look where hair is sparse. While we recommend maintaining shorter hair for a consistent look, the choice to grow your hair out is entirely yours.

  • SMP: An Investment Worth Considering

The total cost of SMP at Ohio SMP Studio typically falls between $2.8k and $4k. When compared to the expenses of hair replacement surgery or a lifetime of wigs, creams, and foams, SMP proves to be a valuable and worthwhile investment.

Is SMP Worth It?

Absolutely! If you’re an active individual seeking a hassle-free solution without expensive, messy treatments or invasive surgeries, SMP could be your answer. Take the first step and schedule a free consultation with Ohio SMP Studio in Columbus, OH, and discover the transformative benefits of scalp micropigmentation.